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School Vision

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The Kingfisher School already has a vision which outlines its values and ethos known as the Kingfisher VIEW which stands for:

    • Valued
    • Independent
    • Enriched
    • Worthwhile

Parents, carers, pupils and staff may already be aware of this vision which means that Kingfisher aims to be a place where everyone is valued to develop independence through an enriching curriculum which is worthwhile. At Kingfisher we aspire to make every member of our school community feel genuinely valued for being the unique person that they are; we strive to enable our pupils to become as independent as they can be both in their learning and in life; we aim to ensure that our pupils are offered a range of opportunities and experiences that will mean their lives are improved and enriched and we want to make sure that everything we do is meaningful and worthwhile.

Building on this, the Kingfisher now wants to develop a strategy for the school so that we have shared outcomes and objectives to guide everything we do. We have developed some draft outcomes and objectives and now we want to work with parents, carers, staff, pupils and people who have an interest in or participate in the work of the school to shape these.

These are outlined below:

We are keen to hear what parents, carers, staff and our wider partners think about our draft outcomes and objectives as outlined below:

  1. We will use the objectives to guide how we work together on the development of the school for the future.
    1. Are these the right objectives?
    2. Which are the most important to you?
    3. Any other comments / suggestions?


  1. We have proposed four outcomes.
    1. Are these the right outcomes areas?
    2. Which are the most important to you?
    3. Any other comments / suggestions?

We will use your feedback to refine and finalise the draft outcomes and objectives. You can give your feedback in a number of ways:

or hard copy survey

Please note that the email and contact details above are for the purposes of giving feedback on the outcomes and objectives; if you have a personal query or concern, please contact the school directly on   


For more information about the strategy development work please contact