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School Meals

Current menus are attached below.

The charge for the school meal is £2.40 per meal or £12 per week.

The cost for each term if you wish to pay in advance is:

1st half Autumn term = 33 Meals-£79.20

2nd half Autumn term = 38 Meals-£91.20

1st half Spring term = 24 Meals-£57.60

2nd half Spring term = 29 Meals-£69.60

1st half Summer term= 29 Meals-£69.60

2nd half Summer term = 37 Meals-£88.80

School meals must be paid for in advance either weekly each Monday or at the beginning of each term using the Parent Portal system to pay directly to school. If your child does not have dinners regularly but you would like them to have an occasional dinner then these can be paid for daily.  

Reminder: All children in Reception, Years 1 & 2 are entitled to Free school meals under the government Universal Free School Meal scheme.

If your child is not in R, Y1 or Y2 and you would like to apply for income related Free School Meals, please complete the form below (if you are unable to print this out, please request a copy from the school office).

Emma Donovan

Administrative Assistant