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Curriculum-Post 16

Post 16 Curriculum

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The Post 16 Curriculum has been designed to build upon and expand the existing skills of students, as well as provide them with worthwhile learning opportunities which will enable them to further develop the skills they need in preparation for adult life and where possible, the world of work.

The curriculum is divided into four strands; Functional Skills, Life and Living Skills, Vocational Studies and Health, Leisure & Recreation. Physical skills are embedded into every area of the curriculum. Each student will work on a personalised programme.

At the end of their programme of study, students will gain accreditation in a QCF recognised qualification. Other accreditation is offered when appropriate including the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The Curriculum 

Recognising the very different needs of students at Post 16, Kingfisher School has developed two pathways, the Transition Provision (Core and Communication) and the Enrichment Provision (Sensory). The primary purpose of both pathways is communication and independence. The student’s learning is centred around everyday themes found at school, at home and in everyday life. It encompasses life experience of the wider community and is enriching with community experiences. The students will be in a class according to their individual needs but will have opportunities to work across the school with their peer group both on and offsite in the community when appropriate to their needs.

Transition Provision

The Transition Provision enables students to develop functional skills in a range of situations both in school and out in the community. Social communication and independence are the core of the curriculum in which, students are encouraged to make choices, put forward their views, they are given time to complete tasks, problem solve and learn to keep safe. Post 16 students are given many opportunities to generalise the skills that they have already learnt.

Enrichment Provision

The Enrichment Provision that is within our School Sensory Pathway has been especially developed recognising the unique qualities of students with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties and/or complex needs. Staff at Kingfisher School recognise that teaching students with complex needs requires a specialised curriculum tailored towards each student’s individual needs. The curriculum has three areas of focus. Communication is the starting point for the curriculum and a Total Communication approach is used consisting of speech, sign, gesture, facial expression, body language, objects of reference, high tech AAC, symbols and photographs. This varied approach allows all students to communicate as fully as possible using their preferred methods. Secondly, the Enrichment Pathway focuses on active engagement. A multi-sensory curriculum is devised to provide opportunities to stimulate the visual, tactile, gustatory, olfactory and kinaesthetic senses as well as the curiosity of each student. Staff have high aspirations for all students. As such the curriculum is designed to be sequential so that students make valuable progress. The students physical and mental health is paramount. All students have access to relevant therapies which when appropriate form part of their individualised programmes

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