Kingfisher School

Kingfisher School

School Nurse

Jane-Ann Archer is the nurse at Kingfisher School. She is employed by the Community Children’s Nursing service and works 22 hours per week based on the school site. Jane-Ann contacts the parents / carers of all children shortly after they start at Kingfisher School and arranges to meet with them to complete a health assessment and appropriate consent forms.

Kingfisher School has pupils with a wide variety of medical need and Jane-Ann is able to support pupils and their families to ensure they are able to attend school and be fully involved in school life. Jane-Ann supports and trains staff to care for our children with medical needs to a high standard. Part of the school nurse role is liaising with other health professionals as necessary. We work closely with other health agencies and as a result we are able to offer a number of clinics during school time on the school premises. The primary clinic we hold is on a monthly basis with our Community Paediatrician, Dr Haden. This is an invaluable service as it means pupils only miss a short amount of lesson time and it is one less appointment they have at the hospital, which can disrupt a whole day and be very unsettling for some of our children. We also have clinics with visiting health professionals as the need arises.  These include orthoptic, bladder and bowel service, LD CAMHS and dietitian clinics.

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust welcome feedback on The Children's Community Nursing Special Schools Service - please follow the link below to complete a review (the 4 digit code you need to input is 1976)


Staff Training

All our classroom staff are trained in TeamTeach, and many undergo additional training in support of our students medical needs. Training and support requirements in relation to medical and support needs are reassessed regularly.